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ISO 13485:2003 Certified

OPI has been serving the medical industry for over 50 years manufacturing medical products. Our focus has been on our many in house capabilities. This gives us the ability to complete projects with absolute control. With control comes efficient processes and speed. We take pride in every aspect of our specialized business, as this our total focus.


OPI offers 3D CAD and drawing assistance to partners. Along with machine-ability improvements, we focus on maintaining direction without compromising the integrity of the project. OPI offers this to our partners as part of ongoing relationships we strive to develop. Our focused collaboration has created many innovative devices in the market today.


OPI has full in-house prototyping, strengthened by the latest technology in CNC multi-axis machine tools serving the market today. We are also evenly complimented by a full finishing department. Our assembly area includes micro-welding, laser etching, passivation, and medical high-volume epoxy painting.


OPI has focused investment on specific machine tools that have unique automation capabilities. These machines enable us to ramp production very rapidly for our partners. Examples in use at OPI include machines with dual spindles, robots, auto-loaders, and other automatic machine options.


OPI offers short delivery timelines that are not typical - timelines that were not historically possible in the industry. Our streamlined in-house processes are what makes it possible. One process we use with partners is our free inventorying system. We tailor this process to your needs and your schedules. If your part needs delivered by hand we will do it - we value our partner relationships.



OEM Customer SD

Thought you all may want to see the set in final form! A few minor things we need to work together on but "darn good" for such quick turnaround! Thank your whole staff for us!


OEM Customer Z

Dr. Man used both [instruments] yesterday and loved them. Thanks for all your work on these projects! We did not think it was possible.


OEM Customer O

Thanks for getting these [parts] to us today! It helps a lot! You're a vital part of our success.

Rick Director of Planning and Purchasing

OEM Customer W

Excellent Supplier Pricing, Delivery, Post Sales Support all A+++. Will definitely partner with [us] going forward. Thanks!

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